Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in West Virginia

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Finding Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in West Virginia

Finding accredited schools is extremely important to becoming a Pharmacy analyst. Accredited schools offer reputable training programs and degrees that will meet the goals and objectives of students. It is imperative for students to have the necessary classes that will prepare them for certification testing and for their careers. Because there is no official listings on the web for this state, students have to perform searches to find local schools or will need to check with expert training centers and/or community colleges to find programs.

How to Get Certified in West Virginia

After successful completion of the training programs, the next step for a Pharmacy Analyst is certification. Certification is granted by passing a national exam to show you have the knowledge and skills to begin working as a Certified Pharmacy Specialist . Certification does not guarantee work. Prospective Pharmacy Analysts must also register with this state successful completion of certification examination. Certification can be obtained by one of two administrators; The Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board or the National Healthcare Association. The Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board is recognized in all 50 states. National Healthcare Association oversees examinations at the location of the schools. You will need to find out from your training program which of these you would need to register with. Both of these have their own registration processes and require continued education after certification. Continued education helps Certified Pharmacy Analysts maintain compentency, demonstrates commitment, keeps patients safe by improving skills, increases pay and job advances along with securing better job opportunities.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in West Virginia

Certified Pharmacy Analysts salary range in this place is below the national average. According to, salaries will vary based on geographical locations and general competiveness within the state. An average salary for Charleston is $31,521 annually, while $31,811 in Parkersburg. Salaries are slightly higher in Morgantown, $32,140 annually and $32,531 in Wheeling.

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