Washington Board of Pharmacy License Requirements Guide

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Understanding the Washington Board of Pharmacy requirements put forth for those who are contemplating working in a pharmacy-related job in the State of Washington is important. Since they have strict standards for who should and should not become a technician or pharmacist, it is critical to know if you fit within the requirements. The requirements of the Washington Board of Pharmacy are essential because working within this part of the healthcare field is a significant job that requires skilled, knowledgeable individuals who can put their full effort into the field. Anyone who wishes to work in this area must possess specific credentials to be considered qualified to do the job.

States have their own licensure requirements, and the Washington Board of Pharmacy developed theirs for the regulation of people working in pharmacy jobs. Anyone who wishes to work as a technician behind the pharmacy counter within the State of Washington has to abide by the guidelines and rules set forth by the state. These rules cannot be modified or disregarded to fill positions within any pharmacy. Proof of fulfillment of the qualifications is generally requested before being hired by any specific pharmacy.

Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?


    There are many reasons someone might want to become a pharmacy technician. Each person has their own reasons depending on many factors, so it is important to consider all the information before deciding if you want to pursue this career. Think about the reasons you would want to do this job. Consider if it is the right job for you and learn about the process of becoming a pharmacy technician. Discover the requirements that the Washington Board of Pharmacy has to evaluate in determining whether someone qualifies for this role. Here are many of the reasons others become pharmacy technicians in their area.

    These are just some reasons that becoming a pharmacy technician may be an ideal career path. However, everyone is different. What might work for someone else might not work for you. That’s why it is vital to consider your specific reasons for becoming a pharmacy professional. It is a great job that provides many perks, but you need to consider the qualifications that come from the Washington Board of Pharmacy to find out if this is the right career path for you to take.

    Washington Board of Pharmacy Technician Requirements

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    The Washington Board of Pharmacy has established many requirements for those that wish to become pharmacy technicians in the State of Washington. To be considered a professional in this field, a person has to have completed all the requirements outlined by the State. Having satisfactorily done this, they are then considered a certified pharmacy technician and they can work in any pharmacy. It’s expected that any pharmacy hiring a technician will ask for certification of completion of the requirements from the Washington Board of Pharmacy.


    There are two specific certifications that have to be completed by those working in a pharmacy technician position.

    • Chapter 18.64A RCW
    • Chapter 246-901 WAC

    These certifications must be completed after education requirements have been met as required by the Washington Board of Pharmacy.


    Those hoping to become pharmacy technicians will have to go through a board-approved pharmacy technician training program. The program should be accredited through an appropriate organization such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The Washington Board of Pharmacy also requires ten additional education units every year for furthering education after initial training. One of these education hours must include the pharmacy law class being offered at the time of an application for licensure. Washington’s Board of Pharmacy must approve these classes and associated credits to be approved for certification and licensure within the state.


      Those that wish to go through the training program, become certified and licensed will have to provide documentation. This documentation is to prove that an applicant has completed the requisites and that none of the information being asserted is false. The documentation includes, but is not limited to:

      Those that want to become a pharmacy technician must not have any felony convictions, drug-related incidents, chemical dependencies, of loss of health provider privileges, licensure or other certification due to misuse or illegal activities. A background check, including criminal history and health, will be performed to ensure that all clearances are not an issue for a specific person who requests certification and licensure.

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      All documentation needs to be submitted before an application is reviewed. Failure to provide any of the required information or documentation can cause an application for a training program, certification or licensure to be rejected. It is vital that applicants pay particular attention to submission of required documents and not risk delay or denial or their application.


      Licensure is important and required by the Washington Board of Pharmacy. Those interested must have completed their training hours, their certification and have submitted the information requested on the application to the Washington Department of Health. A fully completed Pharmacy Technician Application must be signed and submitted to the Department of Health, along with the necessary fee, which is around $60, to be considered for licensure. The Department will review the information provided and make a determination regarding licensure of the applicant. Once granted, an individual will have to renew their license every year and pay the current fee which, as of this writing, is $50.

      Career Outlook for a Pharmacy Technician

      The outlook for pharmacy technicians working in the State of Washington is positive. With a 10% growth rate, the career is steadily rising. There are currently over 300,000 jobs that pharmacy technicians can fill, and roles to fill throughout the country. The Washington Board of Pharmacy is making it easier than ever for those individuals who want a rewarding career once leaving a training program possible. The outlook is one of the best, and it provides many with a chance to have a quicker career path that does not cost too much to become a professional doing something you love. With a median annual pay of around $30,000, and hourly wages more than $14, it provides a decent pay structure for those looking for something reliable.

      Some pharmacy technicians can even continue their education while working as technicians to become pharmacists. The Washington Board of Pharmacy has requirements and guidelines for this profession as well, of course. Technicians may find it is easier to become pharmacists once they’ve been working in the field and know more about the field from information that has been attained on the job. Those that put in the effort to succeed in this profession enjoy the help they provide to others and the success they’ve derived from a meaningful contribution.


      With many people trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, a pharmacy technician’s role is a great choice to look into. Not only can these people feel proud of being a helping professional in everything they do, but they’re easily able to enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow in their profession. The Washington Board of Pharmacy has express guidelines, but they are easy to follow for those who want a rewarding career path. With training programs being affordable and reasonably attainable, you can be taught a great deal in around a year and move through a program that will position you for certification and licensure, all that is needed to work behind the counter at a pharmacy. This is a career that can provide many with a job that offers them the comfort and security they have been after all along. This is a growing profession in the medical field and one that requires smart individuals that have the drive to make a change and help people in their daily lives. Find out what you might need to prepare to become a pharmacy technician. It can be a great job and rewarding not just for the technicians, but those they assist in their role as helping professionals. There are assistance programs that may help offset the cost of training. Ask any school offering a pharmacy technician program and sign up for classes in Washington today to get started.