Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in Virginia

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Becoming a pharmacy analyst in Virginia is a smart choice. This career offers challenging work, competitive entry-level pay, and a place in the growing medical field. Getting started is easy as there are many options offered by the state. Prospective pharmacy experts must be registered. To do this, they must complete a board approved training program, or become certified with the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board.

Find Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Virginia

Future pharmacy enthusiasts will have no problem finding accredited schools in this state. There are plenty of opportunities in the state. The Virginia Board of Pharmacy provides a list of all accredited programs in the entire state. A quick search of their site will allow prospective students to find their nearest program. This site also lists contact information for each degree program and school.

How to Get Certified in Virginia

Certification is not required for a pharmacy analyst with respect to this state, but it is one of the two ways to obtain registration. Earning a certification exempts individuals from the training program required for registering as a pharmacy expert. 

Certification seekers residing at Virginia must go through the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board, also known as PTCB. Those certified will not have to take the Virginia pharmacy analyst exam, but they will have to take the exam offered by the PTCB. There is a fee of $129, and applications for certification can be completed at the PTCB. Special accommodations for taking the exam are made during the application process. 

A successful applicant for certification must hold a high school diploma or an equivalent diploma. They must also pass a criminal background check and the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Exam.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in Virginia

Certified pharmacy experts can expect to earn a competitive salary at Virginia. The salary varies depending on the area of Virginia the pharmacy analyst works, but the average across the state is about $29,000 yearly. Northern Virginia pays above the national average with salaries nearing $35,000 yearly. After a few years of experience, pharmacy enthusiasts can expect to earn even more.

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