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Becoming a pharmacy technician is something that so many people want to do, but they are unsure of whether this is the right career path for them. When this is the case, it is important to consider looking up the profession. Learn more about the requirements of the profession and how they pertain to you. Understanding what the Texas Board of Pharmacy requires to become certified and licensed to do the job is also important. Having this information is good before you sign up to become a technician in the state of Texas. 

Once you learn more about the profession, what to expect, what the process is, and whether it is right for you, you can make a more informed decision on moving forward with the profession or not. This is a career that many think of pursuing but they don’t know what to expect while going through training, certification, and licensure for the specific profession.

The Texas Board of Pharmacy understands that those doing this job need to be certified and have the specific education necessary to make the best choices. Once certified, these professionals have an enjoyable job they look forward to doing every day.

Texas Board of Pharmacy Requirements

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There are currently no specifications or requirements in the state of Texas for those that want to become pharmacy technicians. Those that wish to become a technician in a pharmacy just have to have a high school diploma or GED. They have to be over the age of 18, and they have to submit to a background check to be hired by a specific pharmacy. Usually, those that are hired as pharmacy technicians are trained by the senior technician in the pharmacy or the pharmacist themselves to do the specified job.

There are training programs and schooling that is offered to those who want to go through education before applying to become a technician. It is recommended that the person goes through a program that is accredited through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. This allows certification that is done through the program to be board-certified upon completion of the recommended hours.

While schooling is unnecessary according to the Texas Board of Pharmacy, it helps a person obtain a higher salary, a better position, and a more desirable location at the pharmacy of their choice. It is preferred by some that they go through this schooling, but again, it is unnecessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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By having an idea of the frequently asked questions that are bounced around, those considering a career as a pharmacy technician can learn more about what they do and what it entails. Even if the Texas Board of Pharmacy requires no certifications to become a technician, doing your best and meeting goals to become better is highly recommended. Many wonder if they have to pay dues as a pharmacy technician. Unfortunately, those that wish to renew their registration as a pharmacy technician will have to pay the dues, which are usually around $50, to continue working as a certified technician in the state of Texas. Some also wonder if they should register differently every time they do so. Depending on the level of your education, the background you have, the years you have been working, and other factors, you will register as either a certified pharmacy technician, a pharmacy technician trainee, or a registered pharmacy technician. Each comes with a different specification. Read the description of each before choosing which you qualify for.

Many also would like to know if they need to have the pharmacist attest to the knowledge they possess. If you are trying to register as a higher leveled technician and not a trainee, then you need to have letters of recommendation and the word of the pharmacist stating that you finished the recommended hours and understand the specific rules and guidelines of the pharmacy, medications, and laws.

Pertaining to how old one must be to work behind the counter as a pharmacy technician, according to the Texas Board of Pharmacy, you have to be at least 18 years of age or older to handle the prescription medications that will be handed out.

Those that have felony charges or that have had previous substance abuse issues are unable to work as a pharmacy technician or in a pharmacy setting at all due to the nature of the profession and the history of the individual.

Fortunately, you do not need to go through any training or schooling in Texas according to the Texas Board of Pharmacy to work as a pharmacy technician. However, you have to register as a trainee with that pharmacist and learn how to handle the medications, the rules, and regulations, the specific guidelines for that pharmacy, and other factors to be a senior or registered pharmacy technician in Texas. Those that want a higher pay grade, title, or more responsibility should attend a certification or schooling program for the best results.

The supervising pharmacist is responsible for the actions of those that are dispensing and handling the prescription medications in the pharmacy. This is why it is important that they hire individuals that they feel are trustworthy and reliable.

Steps for Pharmacy Technician Registration

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To become registered as a pharmacy technician in the state of Texas, there are quick steps that need to be taken. These will put the person’s name in a database of those that are registered and trained to work as a technician. 

Step 1 

First, you will use your personal email address to sign up online on the portal at this address.

Step 2

Now, you will log in once you sign up and click “apply for new license” and then choose “Initial technician”. Make sure that the address you use is one to which you can receive mail.

Step 3

In this step, you will provide your PTCB number and the expiration date, both of which must be current.

Step 4

Next, you must pay the application fee on the site using a credit or debit card.

Step 5

Next, you must pay to have fingerprinting done if you have not had one done within the past 36 months. The fee for the fingerprinting is typically under $50.

Step 6

Once approved, you will have an active status with a registered number that will be sent to you.There are specifics that need to be considered to become a pharmacy technician. Learn the steps, and then the requirements to become the technician or a trainee in the pharmacy. Depending on the specific path the person wishes to take, they can learn the pharmacy well and learn how to handle all situations and prescriptions for customers.

To Become a Pharmacy Technician Trainee

To Become a Pharmacy Technician

Qualifications and Guidelines

All professionals need to follow specific guidelines that are set by the Texas Board of Pharmacy when they work within a pharmacy setting. Failure to follow these directions or guidelines can cause serious fines, jail time, or failure to be hired by the specific pharmacy, or it can result in termination if the person is currently working there and is found

failing to follow the guidelines.

Here are the qualifications and guidelines for working in a pharmacy:



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We hope this article has helped you gain a deeper understanding of this particular position and what the Texas Board of Pharmacy has to say about it. For those searching for a strong, reliable job, this can be an ideal one to have. It provides the person with a way to benefit from their job. It is rewarding and helps other people. It is part of the medical field, and without the use of pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy could not run the same way. The median pay in Texas as a pharmacy technician is around $30,000 per year. Those that have certification and licensure can make higher salaries. It is important that those looking to become a technician know they may be on rotating schedules. These jobs sometimes require working on afternoons, weekends, and holidays, especially those jobs in a hospital or other healthcare setting. Being a pharmacy technician is the best choice when you’d like a rewarding career that brings value every day to the person working the position