Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in San Antonio

If you're looking to become a pharmacy analyst, you might be confused as to where to start. There is a lot of information available, but narrowing that information down to develop a path to your new career can be difficult. For those looking to become a pharmacy analyst in San Antonio, Texas, the following information will help get you started on the right track and simplify the process. Below is a brief guide to finding an accredited pharmacy expert school in this city, how to become certified, and what you can expect to earn in your area as a pharmacy analyst.

List of Pharmacy Specialist Schools near San Antonio

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Find Pharmacy Technician Schools in San Antonio 

Finding a pharmacy enthusiast school is not usually the issue for most interested students; it's finding an accredited school. In order to have your education be recognized by the state board, the school or program you attend must be accredited. Fortunately, the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists has made this process easier by compiling a searchable directory of the accredited pharmacy expert schools in each state. You can look at the map on your state's directory page to see which schools are in your area. There are two accredited pharmacy enthusiast schools in the immediate in this area, and there are two others in the Austin area, just over an hour away. These schools are listed below with links to the program webpage.

Pharmacy Specialist Certification

Certification requirements are outlined by state, not by city. In the state of Texas you need to not only have completed your educational coursework and graduated from an accredited program, but also become certified in order to work as a pharmacy analyst. If you want to work as a pharmacy enthusiast trainee you do not need a license, but to become a pharmacy expert you need pass the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board exam and become certified. Then, once you've met all the requirements, you will need to apply to the Texas Board of Pharmacy. Once registered you can work as a pharmacy analyst.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Specialists

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy analyst in Texas as a whole can expect to earn an average of $31,460 per year, or $15.13 per hour. However, the average analyst in this place earns slightly above the state average, making around $32,030 per year, or $15.34 per hour.

List of Pharmacy Specialist Programs

The following accredited schools are in the immediate city area, and links to their pharmacy expert program webpage have been included for further information.

Medical Education and Training Campus
Northwest Vista College

If neither of these programs fits your needs, you can also try the following two schools in Austin.

Austin Community College
Virginia College - Austin