Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in New Mexico

pharmacy technician image1 The federal government believes that pharmacy analyst jobs will grow at an outstanding rate over the next few years. If you want a job that will let you take care of your family, you should consider choosing a pharmacy analyst school. Accredited schools follow a set series of requirements put in place by a governing body, and those requirements will ensure that you receive the training that you need.

How to Get Certified in New Mexico

Before you can take a job as a pharmacy expert, you must pass the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board test. This test will ask you questions about different types of medication, the ethics involved with dispensing medication and what enthusiasts cannot do. A short program teaches you those skills in just a few weeks or months. You can also attend longer schools and program that last for up to eight months. It's helpful that you look at whether you state requires degrees or certification for applicants. You'll often find that you only need a certificate to seek employment as a pharmacy expert.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in New Mexico

The pharmacy analyst field is one of the many fields that lets you increase your earnings with more experience. Some employers offer an hourly rate for these positions, while other employers offer an annual salary. The median annual salary for all pharmacy analysts in this state is $25,000. Albuquerque, which is one of the largest cities in the state, offers its workers a slightly higher income. If you live in Albuquerque, you might make around $22,000 in your first job and closer to $31,000 after working in the field. The most experienced experts make $41,000 a year, and some workers make even more.

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