Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in Maine

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If you’re a Maine resident interested in a career as a pharmacy analyst, you’ll want to read this article to get all the important information on pharmacy analyst schools and state requirements.

Find Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Maine

Aspiring pharmacy analysts often look for pharmacy analyst schools that are accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP). While Maine does not have any ASHP-accredited pharmacy expert schools, the National Center for Education Statistics states there is only one school at this state that has an accredited pharmacy enthusiast program.

InterCoast Career Institute offers a pharmacy expert program that prepares students for national certification. The job placement rate for pharmacy enthusiast graduates from this school was 100% as of the latest report in 2011. Pharmacy analyst training usually comes in certificate or diploma formats, as opposed to degrees.

How to Get Certified in Maine

Although Maine does require their pharmacy experts be registered and licensed, they do not require certification. However, individuals who want to work as advanced pharmacy enthusiasts must be certified. Advanced pharmacy analyst are similar to pharmacy analysts but use sterile strategies and do pharmaceutical compounding. Certification can be obtained by passing an examination authorized by the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board. Certification must be renewed every two years. They must also submit an separate application for registration as an advanced pharmacy analyst. Prior to obtaining certification, the candidate must pass a criminal background check.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in Maine

The 2012 salaries for certified pharmacy expert in this state ranged from $20,500 to over $38,000, with the average annual wage at $28,200, which is very close to the national average of $29,320, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wages vary by location; pharmacy analysts in Dover earned about $21,700, while those in Bangor earned $31,000.

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