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The medical field is a promising industry and there are many jobs available therein, several of which are subject to various requirements in terms of continuing education (CE) and ongoing training. If you’re looking to get into the pharmacy field as either a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, the Idaho Board of Pharmacy has all the information you need about the requirements to work in the field in the state of Idaho. In this article we’ll explore the various CE requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians under the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, and the programs necessary to meet them.

Purpose of Idaho Board of Pharmacy CE Programs

There are a variety of programs available in the state of Idaho through which pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may achieve their CE hours. The two occupations have varying requirements in terms of CE requirements, as explored below.


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    The purpose of the Idaho Board of Pharmacy CE programs is to provide for the continuing education requirements of pharmacists in the state. The requirements of the pharmacist under the Idaho Board of Pharmacy are:

    Immunization Qualification

    To maintain the qualification to deliver immunizations under the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, one must complete a minimum of 1 hour at an ACPE-approved course. One hour must be completed each year in a course related to immunizations, vaccines, or their administration.

    Pharmacy Technicians

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    In the state of Idaho, there is no continuing education requirement for pharmacy technicians. Despite this, continuing education is necessary to maintain national certification. The purpose of the Idaho Board of Pharmacy CE programs is thus to enhance the quality of the practitioners in the state, whether or not their particular profession has required CE hours. ACPE-approved courses that pharmacy technicians may take end with the letter “T”. Courses ending in “P” cannot be used to meet pharmacy technician requirements.

    Program Requirements

    As detailed above, programs for pharmacists must be approved by the ACPE for 9 out of the 15 hours, CME-approved programs may be used for up to 3 hours, and the remaining 3 hours can be completed through home-study or non-ACPE approved courses. Pharmacy technicians are not required by law to take CE hours, however if they do it is suggested they take ACPE-approved courses for the capacity to receive full credit.

    Comparative Example Of Iowa

    To provide a point of comparison, we’ll briefly explore the requirements in the state of neighboring Iowa. For an individual to practice as a pharmacist in Iowa, the following requirements must be met:

    Different Programs Available

    Pharmacy Technician Immunization Administration Workshop

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    This particular course is both ACPE-accredited and Idaho Board of Pharmacy-approved. Within the program the pharmacy technician will learn to:

    Continuing Education Seminar

    To provide you with all the essential information you need on the continuing education programs approved by the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, there are annual Continuing Education Seminars in the spring. The purpose of the seminar is to update your knowledge base and to also rejuvenate your practice skills. The one-day seminar presents current information with a fresh perspective on a wide variety of topics.

    The annual spring CE seminars are for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and prescribers. Eight presentations in all are included in the day, all of which are ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC accredited. The hour on pharmacy law that is provided during the seminar also meets the CE requirements for pharmacy licensure in Idaho, providing an additional benefit. During the program, morning refreshments, catered lunch, and an afternoon snack are also offered to round out the experience. Registration is $120 a week or more in advance, or $150 on the day of.

    Idaho State University

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    For additional courses in the pharmacy field, Idaho State University has a number of courses. To provide for the improvement of patient care in the state, Idaho State University’s Kasiska Division of Health Sciences is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), to provide continuing education for the healthcare team of Idaho.


    This particular organization offers unlimited access to all CE activities for an annual fee, with no registration restrictions and no additional cost. The CE provided is live online, with 9 or more live webinars each week covering various topics. Home study CE courses are also available. The courses are accredited by the ACPE. The home study CE catalog is extensive and provides a collection of over 200 on-demand CE courses so the student can begin learning quickly. Monographs or videos are available for the home CE options.

    All of the products of FreeCE are joined by a personal team of CE coaches and technical support to provide for any needs the clients might have. Thus, while the course may be taken from the comfort of your own home, they do involve live instruction, and the back-end support team is also proficient and very capable of providing any further information and assistance that might be necessary.

    Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists

    This particular organization is dedicated to providing support to Idaho pharmacists and pharmacy technicians by providing education, advocacy, as well as value-based programs aimed at helping the pharmacy professionals in the state of Idaho in providing better care to their patients. The organization offers membership, with the members gaining access to the many benefits included in the program.

    Becoming a member of the Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists gives the member access to ACPE-accredited CE hours, to start. Additionally, a gateway to further resources is opened through contacts that help the pharmacist and pharmacy technician alike better manage their everyday practice. Practice is supported through not only access to education, but also networking across the state of Idaho.

    Elite Learning

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    Elite Learning is an additional resource through which continuing education requirements for pharmacy professionals in Idaho may be met. The company offers a variety of CE courses through which pharmacists may maintain their professional licenses. There are also online courses that are sufficient to meet various requirements, including the law CE requirement for pharmacists with the online course titled “Law and Ethics: What the Pharmacy Professional Should Know”. The online courses are ACPE-approved.


    The Idaho Board of Pharmacy provides comprehensive information on the requirements that must be met for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to practice in the state. Continuing education is essential for the pharmacist and recommended for the pharmacy technician. Through ongoing education and training, the pharmacy profession in the state of Idaho is supported by ensuring the level of qualifications of those practicing in the field. Whether you’re looking for home-study options online, live courses, or specialized seminars, the Idaho Board of Pharmacy has the info to meet their requirements.

    For more information on the best pharmacy technician schools, check back to Best Pharmacy Technician for ongoing articles and updates.