Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in Chicago

Chicago is a bright and vibrant city, and thousands of people move there every month. Some of those new residents attend accredited pharmacy analyst schools because they want to broaden their horizons and find work in the medical field. Accredited schools offer a combination of classes that teach you more about mathematics, anatomy and other topics that analysts use on a daily basis. Before you find the right school, you need to look at the certification process.

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Pharmacy Technician Schools in Chicago

The Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board offers an examination that you can only take after completing a program. While most pharmacy expert don't possess degrees in the field, they do know that they need to receive a high score on this test. During your classes, your instructors will talk to you more about what this test entails and the type of questions you might see. The test typically asks questions about the interactions between different medications, what enthusiasts legally cannot do and how to use different computer software in the pharmacy.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in Chicago

Illinois has one of the highest concentrations of pharmacy analysts in the country. Nearly 16,000 people work as pharmacy experts, and a large number of those people work in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Chicago also has one of the highest annual salaries of people working in the field. Workers report earning an average of $14.75 per hour, which equates to more than $30,000 a year. These figures represent those working in grocery stores and smaller shops, but it also represents those working for hospitals. Those working in hospitals typically make more than drugstore analysts do.

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country, and it's home to a number of smaller and larger suburbs. When it comes to finding pharmacy expert programs, you'll find several prominent colleges in the area. Schools that offer training programs and Associate degree programs in Chicago and the Chicago area include:

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