Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in Missouri

pharmacy technician image1 Working as a pharmacy analyst gives you the chance to work directly with a pharmacist without spending years in college. Pharmacists spend up to 10 years or more in school, and they handle a number of duties. Pharmacy experts typically spend two years complete a degree program before taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board test. If you want to pass your test on the first try, you should take the time to look for an accredited school in the Chicago area.

How to Get Certified in Missouri

Before you can request your certification, you need to meet some basic requirements. This includes taking classes in a program that offers at least 240 hours of training, finishing a training program as a member of the armed forces or taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board examination. Some employers will let you earn on the job training, which gives you the experience that you need to take the test, but most employers ask that applicants complete pharmacy analyst programs or have degrees in hand before they apply.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in Missouri

St. Louis has one of the highest concentrations of people working as pharmacy experts, but the city also has one of the lowest average salaries among all workers in the country. Pharmacy enthusiasts in St. Louis earn a median salary of close to $30,000 a year, and those earning an hourly rate typically earn around $14.50 an hour. Only a small amount of pharmacy analysts earn more than $30,000 a year, and those workers are typically those working for a hospital or a private medical office. If you accept a position at a drugstore or a department store with an in-house pharmacy, you will likely earn a little less.

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