Top Pharmacy Technician Schools in Connecticut

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Find Accredited Pharmacy Technicians Schools in Connecticut

Working as a pharmacy specialist means that you serve as the middleman between the pharmacist and his or her patients. Most pharmacists work behind the scenes without interacting with patients, but you're the one who talks to patients about their medications and answer any questions that you have. Attending classes through an accredited school is something that you must do before you apply for a job in the field.

How to Get Certified in Connecticut

Unlike other medical fields, many people work as pharmacy analysts without getting degrees first. Certification programs can last for as little as six weeks or as long as eight months. The shorter programs often spend more time on bookwork and classroom work, while longer programs offer some job training. You might spend half of your schooling working in the field and behind the scenes at a pharmacy. Even after you finish your training, you still cannot work in the field unless you pass a test administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. This test is mandatory for those who work for hospital pharmacies.

Salaries for Certified Pharmacy Technicians in Connecticut

People change careers and look for new careers because they want to make more money. Working as a pharmacy analyst gives you the chance to make more money than you currently make and maybe even more money that you could make if you spent more time in school. The average salary of those working as pharmacy specialists in Connecticut is $33,000, but the amount often depends on where you live and your job title. Bridgeport residents report earning an average salary of around $40,000, and those working in outpatient care and medical recon report higher earnings as well. Outpatient care experts often provide medication that patients take home with them. Those working as analysts and in correctional settings make a little less than average.

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