Pharmacy Technician Online Course

If you have been thinking about pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician, you are probably aware of the personal and professional benefits that the vocation can bring you. However, you may be unaware that you now have the option to take educational courses that will prepare you to work within your chosen field through online programs. By learning more about the work of a pharmacy technician as well as the online training and certification that is available, you can decide whether attending online pharmacy schools would be the right decision for you.

Pharmacy Technician-The Basics

Although broadly defined, a pharmacy technician is basically an individual who helps the licensed pharmacists provide prescribed medication to health professionals and/or customers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary a pharmacy technician can expect to make is $29,320 per year or $14.10 per hour.

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Pharmacy Technician Online Course

As many health professionals know, the requirements to become a pharmacy technician will differ from state to state. However, it is almost always advantageous for individuals who want to pursue a career in this field to take classes and earn degrees that will prepare them to excel within their vocation. Although a student could opt to take classes in the traditional classroom setting, modern technological advancements have now made it possible for students to study the field of pharmacy online. Each online pharmacy technician school will differ, yet some similarities will typically exist. For example, most online pharmacy technician schools will offer students courses that will afford them the knowledge and experience necessary to have success in the pharmacy setting. Some online pharmacy tech courses that are generally offered include Introduction to Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician Practice 101, Pharmacy Calculations 101, Pharmacology 101, and Pharmacy Externship & Career Preparedness. In some cases, an online pharmacy technician school will require students to complete a pharmacy externship in order to complete the program. These externships are generally non-paid and take place within the pharmacy setting. The externship is designed to offer students hands-on exposure to the field so that they can work with confidence and proficiency once they are hired.

Taking Pharmacy Technician Courses-Some Considerations

If you are thinking about taking pharmacy technician courses online, there are several things you should take into consideration. First, attaining a pharmacy tech degree or certification online can be much more convenient than doing so through the traditional world of learning. In the traditional learning setting, students are generally required to be physically present for classes, quizzes, and exams. However, online learning offers students the opportunity to complete classes at any time that is convenient for them. This factor can be especially helpful for individuals who hold jobs and/or have families. Another thing you should take into consideration when considering the merit of online pharmacy technician courses is that studies indicate there is no significant difference between an individual's ability to learn via the traditional classroom setting or through the online world.


Individuals who are preparing to pursue careers as pharmacy technicians should know that doing so can be very rewarding. Additionally, they should consider the convenience and benefits that can result from attaining a pharmacy technician degree online. By considering the information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether taking online pharmacy technician courses would be advantageous for you.

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