Kentucky Board Of Pharmacy: Registration Guide

All pharmacy technicians in Kentucky are required to register with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy within 30 days of employment. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, submit all required forms fully completed, and pay a $25.00, non-refundable, registration fee. Kentucky does not require that pharmacy technicians have any previous training. Pharmacy technicians must renew their registrations on an annual basis by March 31st.

What Is The Kentucky Board Of Pharmacy?

The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy serves the state by providing testing, licensure, and regulatory oversight of pharmacy professionals and facilities that dispense medications. The mission of the board is to promote and protect public health through appropriate regulation, disciplinary action, and communication of laws governing the practice of pharmacy in Kentucky.

Is The Kentucky Board Of Pharmacy A Government Agency?

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The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy is not a government agency and does not receive financial support in the form of taxes. All funding is provided through licensing fees from pharmacy professionals and permitting of wholesale facilities and pharmacies.

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Why Are Pharmacy Technicians Required To Register?

As of April 9th, 2009 state law requires that all pharmacy technicians in Kentucky be registered with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. Some pharmacy technicians may be exempt if they meet one or more of the criteria below.

  • The technician has filed an application for registration with the board within 30 days of employment and has not been denied registration, had their registration revoked without reinstatement and is over the age of 16. 
  • The technician is employed by a son, daughter, spouse, parent or legal guardian.
  • The technician is participating in a work-study program through an accredited educational institution.

Are Pharmacy Technicians Required To Participate In Continuing Education?

There is no requirement for pharmacy technicians to have prior training to become registered or to participate in continuing education to remain registered.

The Need For The Kentucky Board Of Pharmacy

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The purpose of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy is to provide necessary oversight, licensure and compliance services to pharmacy professionals and facilities. The board promotes current and future public health by ensuring that professionals and facilities are in compliance with laws and best practices associated with practicing pharmacy in Kentucky.

Testing And Examina

The board provides testing and examination to ensure that all pharmacists in the state have the required knowledge and education required to practice pharmacy. It is essential to the health and safety of the residents of Kentucky that all pharmacy professionals meet the highest standards of practice.

Licensing And Registration

The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy provides licensing and registration for qualified pharmacy professionals, pharmacies and wholesale facilities. The licensing and registration requirements overseen by the board promote public health, safety, and compliance with applicable state and federal laws.


The board accepts complaints from the public about pharmacy professionals, pharmacies, and facilities that are not in compliance with applicable laws and regulation. When found appropriate, the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy may take disciplinary action against professionals, pharmacies and facilities, including revoking licenses and registrations.

Laws And Regulations

The board provides communications regarding laws and regulations that govern the practice of pharmacy in Kentucky. It is important that professionals, pharmacies, and facilities be aware of any updates or changes to laws and regulations that may affect their practice or operations. The board provides numerous resources for members to ensure compliance with current law, including a monthly newsletter outlining changes, relevant news, and guidelines concerning the proper handling and disposal of medications.

How To Use The Kentucky Board Of Pharmacy Registration Guide

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The Registration Guide provides a straightforward, step-by-step, to guide applicants through the process of registration. By following the steps outlined in the guide, applicants should be able to complete registration online.

Information Required To Register

The first step of the registration process is gathering all required information. The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy requires that applicants provide the following information:

  • A valid Social Security number.
  • The Kentucky permit numbers of the pharmacies at where you are employed. 
  • If the pharmacy is not permitted, then you must provide the name and phone number of the facility.

To print your registration certificate, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed.

Apply Online

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Submitting your application for registration as a pharmacy technician is the fastest and easiest way to complete the process. Online applications are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy's online Registration and Renewal System.

Once you reach the page, you will select the Pharmacy Technician/Renewal option. First-time applicants will select the First Time Registration option. Applying for multiple registrations at once is possible, but applicants who intend to pay for each registration separately should submit applications for only one registration at a time. Check your information to be sure you have not previously registered before proceeding to next page.

Personal And Contact Information

On the following page, enter your name, date of birth, and Social Security number. You may also voluntarily provide information about your ethnicity at the end of this page. On the next page, you will provide contact information. You must provide your home address, not a mailing address.  Provide your phone number and email address as well.

Qualifying Questions

There are 6 qualifying questions on the following page. It is very important to answer these questions honestly. If you answer yes to any of the first four questions, you will need to provide additional documentation to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy for further review. If you are licensed in another state or by a national organization, you will have the opportunity to provide those certifications.

Verify and Pay

Next review the information provided for accuracy. If you find any errors, you may return to the information to edit it. Once all the information is accurate, you will move on to the payment page. To complete additional registrations, select the Register Another Licensee option.  If you have completed all registrations, select the Pay Now option. You may pay by credit card or ACH. Provide the payment information and submit the application.


Annual renewals are due by March 31st every year. The process for renewal is the same as the registration process, except that you must provide your registration number. If you do not remember your registration number, you can look it up with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy's Licensure Verification System. You will pay a $25.00 renewal fee. If the renewal deadline has passed, a $25.00 delinquent fee will also be due. The delinquent fee does not increase year after year.

Charitable Renewal Fee Waiver

If you are renewing your registration and provide services only as a volunteer for a charitable pharmacy, then renewal fees can be waived under Kentucky law. You must print the Charitable Pharmacy Technician Application and submit it by mail to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy.  You must provide information about the charitable pharmacy you volunteer for. The renewed registration will be mailed to you in 3-5 business days.

Additional Requirements

Pharmacy technicians must comply with all regulations at all times. Kentucky pharmacy technician's certificate must be displayed in a designated area of the pharmacy or pharmacies the technician is working in.  Technicians are also required to have their pocket registration on their person while working. Supervising pharmacists take full responsibility for the actions of pharmacy technicians under his or her supervision.


The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy will review all completed applications accompanied by the required registration fee and issue certificates to professionals meeting the necessary requirements. All pharmacy technicians are responsible for renewing their registration on an annual basis and paying the $25.00 renewal fee. Renewals can be completed online, and a $25.00 delinquent fee will be assessed for renewals submitted on or after April 1st. Pharmacy technicians who serve only in a volunteer capacity for a charitable pharmacy may be eligible for a waiver of fees and must apply by mail.

By becoming a registered pharmacy technician, professionals join the mission of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and provide the highest-level services in compliance with all rules and regulations governing the pharmacy practice. Registration requires no prior training, but pharmacy technicians must meet the necessary legal standards for maintaining their registration status in good standing with the board.

The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy strives to serve the needs of every member of the Commonwealth by promoting and preserving the integrity of the pharmacy practice. Through testing, examination, licensure, education, and regulation the board promotes the current and future health of the residents of Kentucky.