Entry Level Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Professionals looking for a rewarding and interesting career might consider becoming a pharmacy technician. These professionals perform customer service, medication management, and administrative duties. Most people can complete their pharmacy technician training in less than a year. Learn more about pharmacy technician training to determine if it’s the right path for your career.

Customer Service

Pharmacy technician programs will prepare professionals how to deliver excellent customer service in a pharmacy. The pharmacy technician is usually the first person the customer will speak with. They will collect important from the customer such as their name, address, phone number, and insurance information. They will also inform the customer when their prescription will be ready and answer general questions about their medication.

Entry Level Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Medication Management

Pharmacy technician classes will train students how to effectively manage medication for customers. Training programs will teach professionals how to measure amounts of medication. Students will learn now to package and label prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians might be required to request prescription authorizations from doctors. They will need to verify the name, strength, and quantity of the medication. They will also need to verify the number of refills that the doctor authorized for the customer. Medication management is an important part of pharmacy technician training.

Pharmacy Technician Jobs and Administrative Duties

Pharmacy technician schools prepare students for the administrative tasks they will be required to perform in a pharmacy. These professionals will be required to perform inventory duties to ensure the pharmacy doesn’t run out of a product. They will be responsible for entering important customer information into the computer software system. Pharmacy technicians will also verify insurance and take payments from customers.

Professionals can receive training to receive an entry level position as a pharmacy technician. Students enrolled in one of these programs will learn how to deliver excellent customer service in a pharmacy. Pharmacy technician programs also trains students how to manage medication to ensure customer safety. These professionals also perform a variety of administrative roles such as managing inventory, entering information in the computer system, and taking payments. Contact a pharmacy technician school today to begin your career in this exciting industry.

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